Shonda Rhimes’ Number One Piece of Career Advice for Aspiring Bosses

Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images For EMILY's List
Hint: The key to achieving success is closer than you think according to Shondaland's fearless leader.

When we think about who dominates our Thursday nights, only one woman comes to mind—Shonda Rhimes—the fearless show runner who introduced us to some of television’s most powerful female characters like Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope. 

But the queen of Shondaland—an introvert at heart, recently told InStyle that learning to be the boss hasn’t always been easy.

“I went from being a movie writer who worked from home in my pajamas to a TV writer who had 300 people asking me what to do,” she said in the magazine’s October issue. “I had to learn how to be in charge, and it did not go so well at the beginning. It took me a while to really understand that power is not power if you don’t embrace it. If there’s nobody truly steering the ship, it’s a recipe for chaos.” 

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For aspiring girl bosses looking to work in any position of power Shonda offered one important piece of advice; to realize there’s no secret recipe to success.

"Everyone always thinks somebody else knows something they don’t. Let me fill you in on a secret: Nobody knows anything,” she said.“I’m constantly encountering people who say that they wish they had it as together as I do, but the reality is that there’s nothing special that people in high positions know. We’re all working with the same tools, so just take chances and go for it."

Well there you have it; Shonda has spoken.

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