What Drinking Your Favorite Fall Latte Actually Does to Your Body

You may want to reconsider that Starbucks order STAT.

With fall right on the horizon, people are completely in the seasonal spirit—gearing up for Halloween, breaking out the sweaters and sipping on a fan-favorite; pumpkin spice lattes. But, the latter might be doing more harm to your body than good. 

According to Cosmopolitan.com which consulted with registered dietitian nutritionist Sonya Angelone—who used a Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with 2 percent milk and whipped cream for this research—this is what happens to your body after gulping one down. 

Five minutes after you drink it, the endorphins come (which could actually send you straight to the bathroom); after 10-15 minutes  the sugar high arrives; then the sugar is stored as fat (yikes!); After half an hour the fat enters your blood stream; after an hour your caffeine high peaks and you risk a blood clot (whoa!); three to four hours later you can’t sleep because of all the caffeine plus you are starving (say hello to mid-day munchies).

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So why do we keep going back to them when essentially we’ve just ate a cupcake for breakfast? An addiction. No really. PSLs actually contain a mixture of sodium (10 percent your daily value) and 50 grams of sugar which basically has the same effect as cocaine

So fat, sugar AND addiction. Yup, sounds like the perfect fall drink to us. 

"If you're generally healthy, indulging once in awhile shouldn't be a problem," Angelone told Cosmo. But according to her, if you suffer from health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, unhealthy lipid levels, hold excess weight or smoke indulging might not be the best idea. 

For a festive-like drink that won't mess with your health—she suggest just ordering a latte with 2 percent milk (or skim) and pumpkin spices on the foam. 

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