Instagram Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley is Bringing Namaste to 'Every Body' With New Book

Photo by Lauren Perlstein
This yoga lover is encouraging everyone to “let go of fear, get on the mat” and to love their body in an inspiring read.

An advocate of body positivity and a self-proclaimed “fat femme,” Instagram yoga star Jessamyn Stanley has won the hearts of many with her commitment to speaking out against the superficial view of yoga many have. 

“People think that when you practice yoga, your life is beautiful and perfect and you’re just so happy,” says Stanley in an interview with Shape.“That’s not how it works.

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After her aunt passed away unexpectedly, Stanley tried to regain her happiness—which she realized was through yoga, she recalls. She started taking pictures of her practice and posting them simply to check her alignment, but after receiving positive feedback from people inspired by her photos, she kept it going racking up over 169,000 followers on the ‘gram.

And now she’s sharing her love of namaste in a new book!

“This book is my love letter to every new yoga student who's said, ‘I’ve always wanted to start practicing yoga but I have no idea where to start!’, she said via the ‘gram. “I’ve heard SO MANY OF Y'ALL ask some variation of this question, and my answer is always way too long for an Instagram post.”

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According to Jessamyn, the book covers all the basics of jump starting a home yoga practice. She also shares the sometimes sad, sometimes funny and sometimes both anecdotes from her own life that were key motivators on her yogic path.

We can already tell this will be full of good—life and yoga—gems and are anxious just thinking about our copy. 

Every Body Yoga will be released from Workman Publishing in April 2017.

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