Mike Pence Is Excusing White Supremacy By Refusing To Call David Duke 'Deplorable'

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The Trump campaign yet again dances around the issue of condemning the country's most notorious white supremacist.

The Trump campaign's second in command is at it again.

Speaking during a CNN appearance on Monday afternoon, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence criticized Hillary Clinton for her description of Donald Trump supporters as "deplorable," yet refused to describe former KKK leader David Duke as the same thing.

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The democratic presidential nominee ruffled a few right-wing feathers when she recently made the comment that one-half of Trump supporters are "deplorable" for their support of his racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic" beliefs.

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Although Clinton's statement came on the heels of a recent poll proving that over half of Trump's supporters uphold ideals associated with the beliefs she mentioned, team Trump has since verbally attacked the former Secretary of State of state for her words.

For the record, the definition of "deplorable" is "deserving strong condemnation" -- a phrase that would seem to accurately describe the former leader of America's most notoriously hateful group.

After dancing around the question, Pence pointed out that Trump has repeatedly denounced David Duke before concluding with the response that he's "not in the name calling business" when questioned for a second time about whether or not he'd describe the ex KKK grand wizard as "deplorable." 

Unfortunately for Trump, distancing oneself from a known former leader of a violently racist hate group, while continuing to advocate for many of the same ideals that the group believes in, doesn't quite add up.


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