15 Things Only Work BFFs Will Understand

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In a stressful job kind of world, you're glad you've got your girls!

Adjusting to the working world is tough. Jobs are stressful, bosses can be difficult and cubicles can get lonely. But there is one thing—or rather one person—proven to ease the pain of the workweek grind. Say hello to the work BFF, who’s basically responsible for getting you through each day. If you’ve got one, then you’ll completely relate to these 15 things.

1. They see you before your morning coffee and still love you.

2. Their weekend is the only one you care about on Monday.

3. You’re never lonely at lunch, because you’ve always got them.

4. You get irritated by the same people.

5. They recognize when you have a good idea….

6. ….and they aren’t afraid to tell you when it’s pure trash.

7. Your conversations are the only place you feel safe enough to talk ridiculous work crushes with.

8. You hate it when they go on vacation.

9. You love sitting next to each other in meetings because you live for the shady looks and petty comments.

10. You rely on each other as a second source for things you may need, like chargers, deodorant, and any other random items.

11. You spend a large portion of your day chatting via email or Gchat.

12. Throughout the day you pretend to be “bringing them something” just to stop by their desk and chat.

13. Your attendance at work events is largely dependent on the attendance of your work BFF.

14. You constantly live in fear of being separated because, frankly, you’re terrible influences on each other.

15. But, you know that work is so much better with someone to share your craziness with. 

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