Why Pizza Can Be Key to More Productivity at Work (Really!)

Photo by Getty Images
Who knew the late night snack packed major job benefits? 

Ever wondered why pizza is the go-to choice for office lunches and parties? It’s not just because of the cheese—turns out pizza may be the key to being more productive at work. 

In a study from psychologist Dan Ariely’s new book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations it was found that the promise of a slice of yummy pizza could be the most effective driver for employees. 

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In the study participants were sent one of three messages at the start of the week, promising them either pizza, a cash bonus or compliments from the boss in the form of a text message. There was a control group that received no messages to compare to for productivity levels. Interestingly enough money wasn’t the motive, but instead pizza and compliments kept employees above the productivity baseline set by the control group. Those who were promised a cash bonus actually performed 13.2 percent worse than those in the control group on the second day.

*Makes mental note to always choose pizza.*

Of course, fair pay and a living wage is absolutely essential, but pizza is clearly the tool you need to be a #GirlBoss. 

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