It’s Official, Serena Williams Loves Tacos As Much As We Do

Photo by Getty/Sylvain Gaboury
And we couldn’t be happier. 

If there’s anything Serena Williams loves just as much as tennis, it’s tacos—which comes as no surprise, as she frequently posts about them on her social media pages. 


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The tennis champ recently gave the rundown of her fridge and pantry, and inside both were all the makings of a great Mexican meal—much to our delight. Unfortunately, she’s been trying to cut back on the tacos recently.  

“I used to eat a lot of tacos, but not anymore,” Williams said. “I’m cutting out corn for this month. Too much of it will kind of bloat you up, and I want to be svelte for the fall. It sucks because I LOVE tacos, but my motto is: I eat to live. I don’t live to eat,” she said. “In my sport you have to eat to have energy.”

Although, funny enough, the foods and healthy ingredients that give her the most energy also remind her of her taco obsession. 

“I can’t live without ground turkey and I also always try to keep cumin and paprika on hand, which are all taco ingredients,” she laughed. *Sigh* The struggle! 

But, good news Serena: there are plenty of yummy taco recipes that don’t involve corn (ahem, Chipotle bowl anyone?)—so no need to resist the urge every Taco Tuesday. 

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