Black Wedding Moment Of the Day: Fierce Bride’s Enormous Train Steals the Show

It take a village to get this bride down the aisle. 

Not every bride can pull off a massive train but with the help of her bridal party, this bride's enormous train stoled the show. 

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This Nigerian designer is known for creating extravant and gorgeous wedding dresses for her clients, but she took her own gown design to the next level by including a train that is truly amazing.

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It took a village, better yet her bridal tribe, to help this bride-to-be prepare for her grand entrance. Olakunbi Oyelese's bridal party paid their dues as bridesmaids by helping creative director for April by Kunbi with her dazzling wedding gown this past weekend.

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Her bridesmaids were the real MVPs, as they seem to effortlessly maneuver the bride to the wedding location. No one seemed to break a sweat or a nail during the process! Talk about #SquadGoals! 

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