Study Says Women Are More Confident In Their Bodies Than Ever Before

Photo by Getty/Izabela Habur
Self-esteem and body positivity have officially reached an all-time high.

In a world filled with negative messages about women's bodies and ultra-unrealistic beauty standards, there is some good news: women are learning to love themselves more, and more than ever before. 

According to new research presented at the American Psychological Association's 124th Annual Convention, women today appear to be more accepting of their bodies than in the past. 

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis that included more than 250 studies representing 100,228 participants from 1981 to 2012. They analyzed trends in how people felt about their bodies, specifically in regard to weight. What they found was that while women were consistently more dissatisfied with their bodies than men, the dissatisfaction gradually declined over time.

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"The last two decades have witnessed increasing attention and awareness on a body-acceptance movement aimed primarily at girls and women," said Dr. Bryan Karazsia, the study's author. He suspects that increase in visible body-positive role models, such as Beyoncé and Serena Williams, factors into the decline.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and not liking what you see in the mirror has been a huge factor in the development of eating disorders and body image issues, but it looks like things are starting to change for the better. 

Cheers to loving and appreciating all body types! 

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