Black Twitter Entertains Social Media with #HowToughAmIBlackEdition

Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Black Twitter takes over social media with hilarious hashtag #HowToughAmIBlackEdition.

Every few days, Black Twitter comes together to stir up social media and entertain the masses with hilarious, random thoughts and people's reactions to them. To kick off August, Twitter's elite source of laughter decided to join the Monday's "#HowToughAmI" series with #HowToughAmIBlackEdition.

While various cultures had their own trends going like #HowToughAmIAfricanEdition and #HowToughtAmIHispanicEdition, there's no question that the #BlackEdition did it best. From talking back to straight up disobedience, take a look at social media's definition of being tough and Black!

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