New Dating App Smoochr Wants Black Singles to Search By Skin Complexion and Twitter Isn't Pleased

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New dating app Smoochr is trending on Twitter for all of the wrong reasons. These are the best reactions to what many are calling the worst new Black dating app around.

In the late hours of Sunday night, a new trending topic took over your Twitter timelines and it was all about a newly discovered dating app that ironically seemed to be turning off the entire Internet at once.

Smoochr, a dating app designed to “discover Black singles by complexion, hair type and more,” got all of Black Twitter fired up and for good reason—what century is this? We wish we were kidding, but we're not. Needless to say, while some people feel it's just about "type" and fair game for a dating app concept, anyone who has struggled with colorism knows better. We rounded up the best reactions to the worst dating app concept Black Twitter has ever seen.

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#smoochr is kind of like Donald Trump. At first you're like. Nahhh this can't be real. Meanwhile it's getting hella downloads

Smoochr reactions in a nutshell:

Women: wow, this is disgusting.

Men: so people not allowed to have a type now? Wow.

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Smoochr sounds like it was designed to get you caught up.

Twitter >> Tinder >> Soul Swipe >> Your grandmother >> Yenta the matchmaker >> POF >> The line at Whole Foods. >> A million cats >> Smoochr

if you're looking to date a cup of coffee this is the site for you #smoochr

This picture popped in my head when I saw "a little belly fat" #Smoochr

#Smoochr Status: 20 Piece Wing - Fried Hard - Blue Cheese

"Find me on #smoochr"

#Smoochr a dating app based on finding love by complexion and hair type...

Check out the website for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Are you signing up?  

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