Haircare Brand ORS Celebrates Black Beauty and Self-Love with #NoStereotypes Movement

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Trusted hair brand, ORS is on a mission to break stereotypes that women of color face about their hair. Their new campaign #NoStereotypes encourages women to speak their truth about hair and texture bias with the hope of empowering women to see beauty in all textures and styles.

Walk around any hair shop or into any beauty salon in your neighborhood and you're likely to hear a conversation or two about "good hair." Silky and coarse hair textures are an age-old topic that have lead women to press and chemically straighten their hair for decades. The haircare brand ORS is hoping to change that rhetoric. 

ORS is investing advertising dollars in order to champion body image and self-esteem. The company's latest digital venture is called the #NoStereotypes movement and its all about encouraging self-expression and self-love among women of color.

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A video posted by ORS Hair Care (@orshaircare) on Jul 7, 2016 at 10:30am PDT

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A video posted by ORS Hair Care (@orshaircare) on Jul 7, 2016 at 10:30am PDT


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"ORS Olive Oil No Stereotypes is a movement that gives voice and emotion to many of the judgments we make about one another, an ultimately challenges us to rethink these hurtful actions," Shawn Tollerson, COO of Namaste Laboratories, stated in a press release. "We want consumers to share real stories to hit on emotional truths that will ultimately evolve into unapologetic empowerment."  

To launch the movement, ORS teamed up with Cafe Mocha Radio to do a series of honest conversations that aim to start a dialogue among women of color when it comes to their hair. So whether you've been natural your entire life, shamed for straightening your hair, or rocking Bantu knots -- ORS wants to get you talking.

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To join the movement and share your truth, hashtag your photos and conversations with #NoStereotypes via your social media channels or keep up with the movement via

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We are often judged on our hair from texture, type, style, length, and color. Tanja's story reveals how she was judged by an ex boyfriend and how she continued to choose her hair. The #NoStereotypes campaign empowers women to say, “Don’t Judge Me.” All women should have the freedom to wear their hair any way they choose. We believe Beautiful Hair Comes in All Types. Not Stereotypes. See this also on

A video posted by ORS Hair Care (@orshaircare) on Jul 14, 2016 at 2:22pm PDT

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