Donald Trump Campaign Staffer Calls For Police To Make DeRay McKesson 'Disappear'

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During an election year that seems to have the country completely divided between the left and right wing has come a moment in history that also divides the country on a racial level. As a result, "King Robbo," a member of the right wing took to Twitter to heighten racial tensions in the midst of a "police war."

The arrest of the civil rights activist DeRay McKesson during Saturday's peaceful protest against police brutality in Baton Rouge was met with a range of reactions from both his supporters and naysayers, but one Donald Trump staffer took things to another level.

"King Robbo" is a former news anchor and self-proclaimed "Lobbyist for Donald J. Trump" as described in his personal Twitter bio, and he had no qualms about making it clear that he was in favor of DeRay's arrest on Saturday night. Taking things a step further, he also encouraged Baton Rouge police to make DeRay "disappear" before closing out his message with #BlueLivesMatter.

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DeRay and the other dozens of protestors arrested were released after spending 16 hours in a jail cell following their arrest. DeRay has yet to respond to King Robbo's comments.

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