The Fashion World Reacts to the Killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

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Like the African-American community at large, the fashion world is reeling after videos emerged showing the killings of two Black men a the hands of the police. See how fashion insiders reacted to the jarring news.

As the world mourns two more senseless killings of Black men by the hands of the police, the fashion community is speaking out about the injustices of the system. Both men -- whose deaths were captured on video -- are at the center of the latest outcry for justice.

From celebrity stylist June Ambrose to supermodel Jourdan Dunn, this is what the fashion industry has to say about police brutality.

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I had to take down the video of two cops on top of #AltonSterling as they shot him in cold blood because of Instagram policy and out of respect for his loved ones. But I will speak my piece. I've been angry and in pain all day. I'm choked up. Look at OUR reality!!!! This is America for US! How is it that I can see people and brands post "Pray for Paris", "Pray for Orlando" and be in an uproar over the gorilla at the zoo getting shot but every time a black man gets murdered it's crickets!!!! Wtf!!!! I even see people caring more about damn animals over black people!!! We are humans just like you! Don't make us less human by justifying it or having your first response be “Let’s wait to hear all sides of this.” Come on!!!!! And cops need to start protesting against racism in the force and stop keeping their mouths closed!!! When I hurt, I hurt for all people regardless of race or background. Do not selectively mourn, it's inhumane. #blacklivesmatter #AltonSterling #checkyourself #murderers #blackgenocide

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...and this is our 2016. Please everyone BLACK, WHITE, LATINO, ASIAN, ALL RACES and CULTURES- Ask yourself, how can I be apart of change? What is it that I can do in my own neighborhood with my own peers, within my job- to help!! (Stop being silent and speak up!) -- Its not about another hashtag, its about coming together to figure out- WHAT, HOW and WHEN will this change? The lives of Black Humans are not being respected. And as "uncomfortable" as it may feel to discuss with people who may not understand- knowledge and continuing conversation is the only way we can fix this! A solution is out there, we just need to come together to find it & make it stick! #BlackLivesMatter #itsaMovementtobringAwareness (Don't beat it down, instead- join it! Everyone's welcomed)

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I am black I deserved to survive and raise my children/support them the best way I can too, thank you..

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