Natural Hair Blogger Tweets About Uncomfortable Experience in New Orleans Airport

White people are back at it again--putting their hands where they don't belong. 

Natural Hair Blogger Whitney White aka Naptural85 had an uncomfortable experience on Sunday at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which unfortunately is all too common amongst natural haired beauties: People touching their hair. Ugh. 


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White, a Boston native who was in Nola for a speaking engagement at the 2016 ESSENCE Festival, detailed the entire ordeal on Twitter. White gave a play-by-play of her deep-seeded rage as a white couple marveled and touched her natural hair. Here's what went down:

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Was never for OR against strangers wanting to touch my hair.... Until NOW.

It's always been someone I respect, or had at least a brief GOOD conversation with, even if a stranger, who has asked to touch my hair...

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But not today.

At the New Orleans airport. Wearing a super cute Afro style.. (Which I'll post soon )... And decided to stop into the "bodega"-type store..

I grab a bag of peanut M&Ms and wipes, and stand in line... Meanwhile there a man and his wife standing in line...

He's laughing it up with a drink in his hand talking to strangers, while she's standing in front of me...

The strangers walk away... And he turns and looks at me and my hair.  <- he says "I looooove your hair!" I say "thank you!"

He says "if I had hair"... (He was bald) "I'd wear it like that every day!" I said "thank you very much! I really appreciate it!"

Then he says "I mean it, I love you people's... African-American hair!" He says "My wife would trip! She loves it too! Honey! Take a look!"

She turns around, and smiles and shakes her head. I look at her and smile and say "thank you very much."

He says "man!' She loves touching your people's hair! Everytime she sees it, she says its like a big cloud!"

At this point,I can sense what's coming next, so I politely say "thanks so much!" & turn towards the cashier to try and end the conversation

The wife pays for her things... and moves out the way so that I can pay. I place my M&Ms and wipes on the counter...

I sense her looking at me, so I look at her... And then hear the man tell her, "touch it!! Touch it!!"

My face -->

She leans in with her hand out, and I'm like "Oh!!"  "Uh!..." ...

And she puts her hand into my fro, with a gigantic smile on her face, while he has a huge smile on his... And starts touching it everywhere.

She's done harassing my Afro... I look at them w/ a sort of side smile/shocked half grin-thing..I say "okay!" And turn towards the cashier..

I'm just looking down at my M&Ms and wipes... They leave... The cashier (a black woman) looks at me.. I look at her like

She shakes her head and I'm like "I canNOT!"

I was SOO PISSED!! I couldn't believe she touched my hair! I turned away from them. Conversation over..And HE invites her to touch MY hair!!

Like maybe you should ask ME!!!

That was SO RUDE!! It was the first time someone's touched my hair and made me feel like an exhibit or animal. I get it now COMPLETELY.

I looked at the cashier and just said, "Well I'm glad they had a good time."

You people's....

Literally cannot. That's never happened to me before so I wasn't prepared... Oh believe... I WILL be prepared next time. #NaturalHair

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