Conservative Radio Host Mocks Elizabeth Warren & Native Americans At Trump Rally

Photo by CNN/YouTube
Radio host Howie Carr mocks Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Native American population during another infamous Trump rally.

Another day, another racially offensive gesture from the Trump campaign.

As Donlad Trump and his team continue to prepare for the upcoming Republican National Convention set to kick off next month, he and his supporters are still going strong with their questionable rhetoric when it comes to people of color. In the latest round of foolishness from the Trump camp, conservative radio host Howie Carr took a cue from the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee and decided to mock rumored Hilary Clinton running mate and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren at a Trump rally on Wednesday.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Donald Trump A 'Thin-Skinned, Racist Bully'

Warren has recently been very vocal about taking pride in her Native American heritage, but Trump and his followers saw her pride as an opportunity to mock her using racially charged references. 

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Trump himself has even recently referred to Warren as "Pocahontas," while Carr took it upon himself to mimic a stereotypical Native American war cry during the rally. See the video clip of the bizarre moment below.

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