Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Under Fire for Controversial Tweet of SCOTUS Ruling

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The Comedy Central show's controversial tweet was met with backlash in the wake of the monumental ruling.

The overturning of Texas' abortion restrictions by SCOTUS was a huge win for women's reproduction rights. Many celebrated with sharing the news and even personal testimonies on social media.

Wanting to join the dialogue, The Daily Show tweeted, "Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas!"

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The tweet was met with backlash as many found it to demean why women would need the right to choose, to a stereotype about abortions told from a male's perspective. According to the Daily Show's tweet, access to abortions is apparently a challenge for men to impregnate women in Texas.

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While in an interview with the Times, Trevor Noah had emphasized the importance of a diversified team, and the tweet sparked a conversation about the Daily Show's predominantly male writing staff.

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The Daily Show's response to the backlash was just as troubling as some argue that it demonizes abortions by addressing them as taboo, and is neither an apology nor omission that their previous tweet was inappropriate.

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