Texas Mother Dies in Police Custody, Family Claims Gross Negligence

Photo by GoFundMe
Family members say that police refused to get the required medical help for 22-year-old Symone Marshall.

A family is demanding answers after 22-year-old Symone Marshall was found dead in a Texas jail on Wednesday.

The Associated Press reports that Marshall was detained in a Huntsville, Texas, jail on April 26 after she was in a single-vehicle car accident (a GoFundMe page for the family says she was run off the road by an unidentified man) and was reportedly possessing a controlled substance. Police say that she declined medical treatment and was taken to the Walker County Jail. Unable to make her $5,000, she was held in custody.

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On Wednesday evening, authorities reported that Marshall, who had recently moved from Michigan for a fresh start, had died after suffering from convulsions. She leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter.

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“She didn’t deserve this,” Marshall’s sister, Honey Marshall, told a Detroit television station. “She’s never bothered anybody in her whole life…her whole world was being a mother.”

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Honey says that she talked to Marshall multiple times during her detainment, and Marshall repeatedly complained of a headache and feeling as though she was going to black out. Honey says that Marshall was denied medical treatment, and officers refused to take her to a hospital.

“She suffered in there,” Honey said. “She cried everyday, begging for them to take her to a hospital. They wouldn’t release her out of there.”

Marshall’s death is currently under investigation by the Texas Rangers.

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