The Best Underwear for Working Out, According to an OB-GYN  

You wouldn’t work out without wearing the correct bra, so why should down below be treated any differently? 

When we’re getting ready for a sweat sesh oftentimes the last thing on our minds is what panties we should have on. As long as there’s no panty lines and we’re comfortable, everything’s good right? Wrong.

With so many types, fabrics and styles to choose from—not to mention the option of going commando—wearing the wrong pair can leave you feeling more than just sore after a workout. To get educated about all things underwear and exercise related we spoke to Atlanta-based OB-GYN Dr. Tosha Rogers. 

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According to Dr. Rogers, any type of underwear is acceptable during a workout except a thong. Sorry ladies!

“Those are usually tight fitting, and sometimes sized improperly, leading to friction and discomfort on top of moisture,” she says. "This horrific combination can lead to candida (yeast), vaginitis, UTI, monilia (yeast of the skin), chaffing or even lacerations.” Instead she suggests opting for panties with a little more coverage like bikinis, hipsters, boyshorts, etc. 

In terms of fabric, cotton is your friend—or if you’re hardcore gym-goer, opt for underwear made with sports material that feature moisture wicking technology, Rogers says. Save the lace and satin styles for sexy time, as they don’t absorb moisture or allow your lady bits to “breathe,” creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

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Ultimately no matter which one you choose Rogers can’t stress the importance of changing your underwear immediately after a workout enough.

“Infection, namely yeast, LOVES warm, moist, dark places,” she says. "The longer your genitals remain in that environment, the greater the chances of infection. Yeast is not the only offender. Any vaginitis, as well as skin infections and folliculitis—or the inflammation of hair follicles. The key is to stay clean and dry!” 

Bottom line: Before working out, switch to underwear with more coverage in breathable fabric and don't hang out in the pair you worked out in for extended periods of time. Easy enough right? To help you out we hunted down five comfortable pairs designed especially for exercise. 

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