To the People Saying Harriet Tubman is ‘Too Ugly’ to Appear on the $20 Bill: Have Several Seats

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She literally led hundreds of slaves to freedom, and this is what you're focusing on?! 

Yesterday, the Black community was gifted a slight miracle: We were told that heroine Harriet Tubman would be replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

But unsurprisingly, while we were celebrating, the trolls were trolling. HARD.

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Nobody is gonna want $20 bills with Harriet Tubman's ugly mug staring at them

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Harriet Tubman ugly anyway. I aint using $20s no more ima start asking for 2 $10s

No disrespect but Harriet Tubman ugly as hell Cashiers ain't even gone accept the money

Harriet Tubman's life, story, and impact are priceless to America...but wow, not a looker. That's one ugly $20 bill.

So let me get this straight: For the first time in history, we will have not only a woman, but a Black woman on US currency, and you’re going to disregard her heroic efforts and focus on her looks? No one has been complaining about the powdered wig-clad White men on our current bills, so why now?

For all the blacks saying Harriet too "ugly" to be on the $20 bill. How about we read some literature on the significance of Harriet Tubman.

People want to find any reason to put someone down even after they achieved a recognizable greatness. Saying Harriet Tubman is ugly is WEAK!

People calling Harriet Tubman ugly & I'm over here looking at a picture of Andrew Jackson trying to figure out what beauty contest he won.

People’s reactions do nothing but exemplify the racists and misogonysts in our society. A woman can literally lead hundreds of slaves to freedom, and she’s still judged based on the way that she looks.

So to everyone who is saying that Harriet Tubman is “too ugly” to grace the face of the $20, Imma need you to have several seats. Please.

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