For the Ladies With Avocados In Their Bag - Swag: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Toast

Try these four ways to upgrade your favorite breakfast treat.

You've got to love avocado for it's nutrition—those healthy calories are worth it—as well as its versatility: toss it in a salad, throw it in a smoothie or layer it on a crusty piece of toast. The world's been taken over by avocado toast-apocalypse, and we have four ways to upgrade yours into a breakfast treat that is worthy of the avocado itself.

1.Bring on the bacon.

Bacon had to show up somewhere, right? Top your avocado toast with strips of cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for a savory and hearty morning pick-me-up that goes perfectly with mimosas. Best of all since bacon is high in saturated fats—which slow down absorption—you’ll stay fuller longer.

2. Pull the Hot Sauce Out Your Bag, Swag.

Sometimes you just need some spice in the morning. Top avocado toast with hot sauce or Sriracha, then cucumbers and tomato slices for a meal that is sure to set your mouth on fire. Plus the tomatoes and cucumbers both detoxify the body while keeping your body hydrated.

3. Extra Blueberry and (Feta) Cheese Please!

In the spring and summer, blueberries are at their ripest. Toss on a handful along with some feta cheese. The two pair nicely and—thanks to the sharp tang of the feta—make a light bite. The antioxidant rich fruit also contains a large amount of vitamin C, essential for collagen production and overall skin health, and a good dose of fiber.

4. Pesto Presto!

Spread pesto across tour toast before tossing on sliced avocado; Next, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. And on those days when you’re feeling extra groggy top with top with grated Parmesan, toasted pine nuts and torn basil. The pine nuts contain protein and iron that will instantly boost your energy.

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