Bomani Jones Rocks 'Caucasians' Shirt on ESPN and Twitter Can't Handle It

Meanwhile, Bomani is unbothered. 

Sports commentator Bomani Jones stepped in to co-host ESPN"s Mike & Mike yestreday, and what would have been an ordinary show turned into something much bigger when viewers noticed what Bomani was wearing.

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The Right Time host wore a shirt with the word "Caucasians" emblazoned across the chest and a parody of the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo. The shirt, created by Shelf Life Clothing, is meant to point out how problematic Chief Wahoo is, but it seems many fans completely missed the point. 

It bothers me that @bomani_jones is wearing a 'Caucasian' shirt...


Nice shirt @bomani_jones wore on TV. Now, 3 people know who he is. #yawn #whoareyou

but wait, I thought @bomani_jones didn't make everything about race?

I wanna see a white guy that works for @ESPN, wear a shirt that says "Africans" on national tv, without any repercussion.

Still, most of Twitter understood the message and got the point of Bomani's shirt, some even had jokes for those who were offended. 

Everyone who comments on @bomani_jones shirt and says, "That's racist to white ppl" admits these logos are racist to Native Americans.

The Venn diagram between people mad about @bomani_jones shirt and people mad they can't use the N word is a perfect circle.

If you are offended by this shirt, then what @bomani_jones is trying to prove is working.

Anyone who is offended by @bomani_jones shirt on ESPN today needs to rethink using Native Americans as mascots.

Are white folks really mad about @bomani_jones wearing a Caucasians shirt? Is he upholding some sort of Caucasian oppression? I's confused.


And, if you're worried about how Bomani Jones is handling all this drama, don't be. He's doing just fine.

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