Beyoncé Sues "Feyoncé" Knockoff Retailer for Trademark Infringement

Photo by Getty Images
Don't come for Mrs. Carter's coins. 

Almost every bride-to-be has been tempted to purchase a "Feyoncé" t-shirt, robe or sweatshirt in honor of her man putting a ring on it, but Queen Bey has a serious problem with retailers who sell merchandise with the tongue-and cheek-monogram. 

Reuters reports that the Beyoncé is seeking legal action against a Texas online shop for trademark infringement for using the name that is to close to her own. 

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A complaint was filed in Manhattan federal court cites that the singer claims the stores merchandise including a mug that says "he put a ring on it" confuses consumers and does irreparable harm to her brand. 

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Within the lawsuit, Beyoncé's legal team has requested that all sales cease and they are seeking an undisclosed amount of damages based on "intentional, fraudulent, malicious, willful and wanton" intent. 


A lesson shall soon be learned, don't ever mess with Mrs. Carter's coins. 

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