Bridal Bliss: Twanna and James' Lavish Riverside Wedding Takes the Cake

Photo by Joshua Dwain
Twanna's charismatic high school classmate James turned out to be the man of her dreams. The modern couple threw a lavish, riverside wedding to remember and now they're enjoying blended family bliss.

Bride: Twanna A. Scoon, 33, IT Pharma Business Consultant

Groom: James A. Matos, 35, Corporate Logistic Consultant

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Wedding Day: July 10, 2015

Location: Waterside Restaurant, North Bergen, NJ

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Love Is Waiting For You

Sometimes the love of your life is waiting right under your nose for the right time for your love to blossom. Such was the case when Twanna and James decided to give romance a chance after reconnecting years after they first met in high school. What began as a casual friendship blossomed into a beautiful and fulfilling romance at a time in their lives where everything just seemed to fall right into place. Clearly meant to be, the couple made the transition from friends to lovers effortlessly. “Loving each other has always been the easy part,” says Twanna. “We are a family.”

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On Cloud Nine

James proposed to Twanna during a romantic helicopter ride high above the New York City skyline. A year and a half later they began their journey as husband and wife and celebrated with a lavish dream wedding to remember. Cheers to the happy couple. See our favorite photos from their wedding now.

Photos: Joshua Dwain Photography

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