Reporter Comments on Cost of Malia and Sasha’s State Dinner Dresses, Internet Schools Her

Dear Kristin Sze, you picked the wrong first daughters to mess with. 

When pictures surfaced of Malia and Sasha Obama attending their first State Dinner last Thursday evening, everyone had the same reaction: they looked beautiful. That's everyone except a San Francisco ABC news anchor.

Kristen Sze took to Twitter to share her disdain for the hefty price tag of Sasha's gorgoeus gown. 

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Soon after Sze's tweet, both her mentions and the timeline were full of reactions on her completely unneccessary commentary.

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Better question: Is your mom The First Lady? No? Well, STFU, your opinion is irrelevant.

Is Sasha Obama, a whole president's daughter, supposed to wear a Children's Place dress to the State Dinner because she's 14?

The teens we'd want to represent America, Sasha & Malia, go to ONE fancy dinner, in 8 years, wearing a fancy dress, and it's a problem.

The fucking nerve. As if the Obama's took the Pentagon's credit card to go buy Sasha a damn dress.

Did people constantly make comments about how expensive first ladies' clothes are before the Obamas?

Tell me about Nancy Reagan's wardrobe again

Realizing the error of her ways, Sze deleted the tweet and apologized but the damage was already done.

Sorry my Obama girls dress tweet failed 2 come x as intended. Was trying 2 have mom convo on cost of clothing. #majorfail

Sasha & Malia looked amazing at State Dinner! Super happy they got 2 attend one in dad's last year in office.

Deleted tweets when realized they failed big time. Didn't mean 2 hurt any feelings. #mybad

@abc7kristensze Oh please the Obama Girls looked beautiful & u tried 2 turn it into some ugly, I'm done with @abc7newsBayArea thanks 2 u.

@abc7kristensze don't apologize for interpretation. apologize for your actions. be sorry for you

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