Jay Pharoah's Impressions of Black Comedians on SNL Will Leave You in Stitches

Photo by Michael Rowe
It all started with a Black Comedians in Hollywood meeting at Eddie Murphy's house...

Imagine a night where Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy Chris Tucker and Bernie Mac were all sitting around together cracking jokes. 

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For a moment on Saturday Night Live on Saturday, this world was a reality courtesy of comedian Jay Pharaoh. 

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The cast member, known for his impressions of everyone from President Obama to Ben Carson, held nothing back in his latest celebrity emulation. 

In the "Weekend Update" segment of the show, Pharoah creates a fictitious annual Black Comedians in Hollywood meeting at Eddie Murphy’s house.

Take a look at the clip above, we promise it won’t disappoint.

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