In Case You Didn't Know It, Bette Midler Is for the People!

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On any given day you'll find the veteran actress tweeting about politics and culture, but tonight's #OscarsoWhite tweet took the cake. Yes, Bette!

On any given day you'll find the Bette Midler tweeting about politics and pop culture.

From the presidential race to Kanye West, The Divine Miss M holds nothing back. Her commentary is snarky when it needs to be, witty when she feels like it, and so on point. But it was her tweet about Hollywood's lack of diversity and #OscarsoWhite that had us screaming "Yes Bette!"

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The Oscars are today! You know, the awards show where Leonardo DiCaprio is "overdue" but black people can "wait till next year."

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And the time she wondered if President Obama would pardon the Black Panthers who remain in prison.

#BlackPanthersPBS says there are there are still 20 BlackPanthers still in jail. That must be nearly 40 years served. Will Mr Obama pardon?

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Sure, Bette Midler is not a leading #Oscarssowhite activist, but it's refreshing to see her speaking up, publicly, when so few of her Hollywood counterparts have.

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