Black Twitter Reacts to Controversial 'Black-ish' Episode

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The social chatter was on fire around Wednesday night's installment, called "Hope."

The topic of police brutatlity made it to Black-ish last night and the twitter commentary was everything.

From stories of personal encounters with police, to simple applause for the episode's dynamic writing, the sitcom's decision to get serious on such an emotional topic was something the audience was here for.

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'Black-ish' Episode Inspired by Social Commentary on Police Brutality

The #Blackish episode re: protest & police violence is powerful, honest, and thoughtfully engages the topic. It's a must see.

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it seems people are pissed #blackish addressed police brutality. I'm pissed because police brutality still needs to be addressed



All my praises tonight going to the #blackish writers- the people who rarely get credit for the art we consume. Bravo.



#Blackish normalizes black families, black love, and black fathers in such a seamless way.



#Blackish is 21st century representation. #freedom



tonight's episode of #blackish deserves to be talked about. i hope we don't stop talking about it. i hope i think about it years from now.



Dre's manologue on Obama and hope about to make me tear up. #Blackish #ABCBlackish







Did you watch the episode? Let us know your thougts and reactions.




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