Activist Starts #ObamaAndKids Hashtag and Twitter Responds in the Most Adorable Way

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Photos of President Obama playing with children were on everyone’s TL this weekend, reminding us why it'll be hard to see POTUS leave the White House.

President Obama is a pretty lovable guy—this we know. A Twitter hashtag gave us a million and one more reasons to think he's simply the best this weekend. 

Activist and writer Michael Skolnik said he was feeling nostalgic while sitting with his two-year-old so he asked followers to post feel-good photos of POTUS to celebrate Black History month.

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I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning! Tweet me your favorite pics/videos of Obama with kids and I will RT my favorites. #ObamaAndKids

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People immediately started filling their timelines with images of the President and the children he's met during his presidency.

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With pictures ranging from high-fiving toddlers, calming crying babies and our favorite, the classic, "I want to know if my hair is like yours" picture, Twitter soon became flooded with moments of hilarious and aww-worthy photos all courtesy of POTUS and his love of little ones. 

Here are a few of the ones we just can't get enough of:

"I want to know if my hair is just like yours"
“Touch it, dude!”#ObamaAndKids

.@POTUS loves our students! #ObamaAndKids

Follow @MichaelSkolnik as he won the internet today for starting #ObamaAndKids. Well done, Skolnik.

The kids always know... #ObamaAndKids

One of my favorites - @POTUS in Treme #ObamaAndKids

This one. The adults are obsessed with their devices and baby girl put her hand up to salute. #ObamaAndKids

My favorite #ObamaAndKids pictures

"It's a 4 year term." #ObamaAndKids

The MY Brother's Keeper mentees are on the way to being men, but let's remember they're still kids


Celebs like actresses Reagan Gomez and Tracee Ellis Ross even chimed in with their appreciation for the adorable hashtag.

Obama could really babysit your kids. And the babies would have an attitude with YOU when you came to pick them up. #ObamaAndKids

#ObamaAndKids put the biggest smile on my face! Thk u @MichaelSkolnik!


We can't thank Michael Skolnik for giving us such a wonderful reason to smile!

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