*Rolls Eyes* According to MTV UK Cornrows Are Now Called 'Boxer Braids'

Photo by Ruslan Dashinsky
The UK division of MTV thought they stumbled upon a new hair trend, but Black Twitter reminded them to think again.

On Friday, MTV UK cleverly thought they identified a hot new hair trend by posting a picture of Kim Kardashian on their Twitter donning cornrows.

The A-list are loving boxer braids right now, so here's an easy way to do them yourself: https://t.co/r5s9yg5bMW pic.twitter.com/AHYdTewvtY

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Calling the style "boxer braids," the British division of the music television channel made a fool of themselves and it's something that Black Twitter couldn't let go without serving hilarious clapbacks. From mocking the new name of "innovative" hairstyle to simply reminding MTV UK that this is a look Black people have been rocking for years, the reactions were priceless.

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BOXER braids ????

I'm…I'm tired…got y'all out here thinking these are some damn Muhammad Ali braids I'm gonna cry https://t.co/RcbJUPLtM4

Cornrows are boxer braids now? Ok, got it https://t.co/Bkcs3l5ZOu

"Boxer braids" "Urban tie cap" "twisted mini buns" aka cornrows , durags and Bantu knots

@ReaganGomez If they insist on calling them Boxer Braids they better big up the champ. @TheRealLailaAli made them pic.twitter.com/QsRJqh0V3s

@MTVUK boxer braids. Throw yourself in the 'rubbish.' pic.twitter.com/rdwHezssQv

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