The Best Twitter Reactions to Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance

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Twitter was on fire following Kendrick's performance.

If there was a performance to make you jump out of your seat during the 2016 Grammy Awards it was Kendrick Lamar’s. The Grammy-winning rapper took to the stage for a politically-charged, and utterly riveting, performance of “The Blacker the Berry,” “Alright” and a new track. Below, our favorite reactions:

Black twitter rn with Kendrick

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"If Kendrick Lamar was as concerned with black on black crime as he is police brutality then maybe...." Articles otw


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Everybody trying to figure out how they'll perform after Kendrick.

i can't wait for white people to be complaining tomorrow about kendrick's performance

here's to all the angry headlines and facebook statuses about kendrick's performance tomorrow

Oh the ancestors are rejoicing @kendricklamar #GRAMMYs @Afripopmag

Racist Twitter after watching Kendrick's performance

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