Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton

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The committee's announcement follows endorsementes from both the mother of Trayvon Martin and the mother of Eric Garner.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has secured a critical endorsement from the Congressional Black Caucus PAC.

USA TODAY reports that the committee came forward yesterday afternoon, saying that Clinton was the most consistent ally for the Black community.

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Trayvon Martin’s Mother Endorses Hillary Clinton, Urges Mothers to Vote

“We need her leadership, her vision, her dedication more than ever before,” Rep. John Lewis said in a statement. “We must get out our vote like we never, ever voted before.”

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CBC Chairman Gregory Meeks told reporters yesterday that Clinton has an impressive record on gun control, health care and education. 

Civil Rights Lawyer Benjamin Crump Endorses Hillary Clinton

Members also stressed that it was important to choose a candidate based on their past accomplishments rather than future promises, alluding to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign platform of making college tuition free.

“[Clinton] has an agenda that can become reality,” Meeks said.

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