11 Tweets About the State of the Union Guaranteed to Make You LOL

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Consider your day made.

Last night marked President Obama's eighth and final State of the Union speech.

While we all applauded his message, the tweets were even better. Take a look at some of our faves from the evening.

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Obama and Joe Biden warmed up for tonight's speech like this #SOTU pic.twitter.com/SAEpU41kJA

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Joe Biden looks at Obama the way that Kanye looks at Beyoncé #SOTU

“Just ask Osama bin Laden” #SOTU pic.twitter.com/GjRhXDdvjh

At least now we know who this kid grew up to be #SOTU pic.twitter.com/1HRKAo3lyw

Obama and Michelle getting ready tonight #SOTU pic.twitter.com/Avq49vPjCv

"Anyone claiming that America's economy is in decline is peddling fiction." #SOTU Tell em. pic.twitter.com/BpbiJbvlEi

Obama: Paul Ryan, WUTS GOOD?! #SOTU #StateOfTheUnion #ClapbackSeason pic.twitter.com/eKm2ghu9s1

Paul Ryan looks like the "They" DJ Khaled warned us about. #SOTU pic.twitter.com/uQBBNOg6lG

This woman is my patronus. She is everything I aspire to be. Cranky, bedazzled and judging everyone. #SOTU pic.twitter.com/DzRDuff5Ma


And the one that perfectly captured how we all feel:

Don't leave us!! @POTUS #SOTU pic.twitter.com/S8V6yHzc23

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