Oh, No! MC Hammer Ordered to Pay $800,000 in Back Taxes

The rapper reportedly owes taxes dating back to 1996.

MC Hammer has found himself back in the middle of some financial messiness.

Hot New Hip-Hop reports that an appeals court ordered the “Can’t Touch This” singer to pay $800,000 in back taxes dating back to 1996.

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The case was first brought before the court in 2013. The IRS claimed that it didn’t get its portion of money from when MC Hammer declared bankruptcy in the 90s (government reps said that all the money paid went to creditors). Last week, a court ruled in favor of the IRS.

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“That devil is working overtime to fill your holidays with negative images, negative narratives, fear and negative energy,” MC Hammer tweeted yesterday afternoon. “Get behind us satan.”

We’re praying for you!

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