Hillary Clinton on Beyonce: 'She's Just Amazing'

Photo by Getty Images/ Joe Raedle
“I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer,” said Clinton.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have just secured the #BeyHive vote. 

According to Time, during a town hall held this week in Iowa one voter asked the million dollar question saying, “If you could choose, would you rather be the president or Beyoncé?”

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“I’d rather be president because I can’t sing," Clinton replied. "Nobody would pay to see me sing or dance. Even when I was a way lot younger, that just wasn’t in the cards for me."

She went on to marvel at the singer's all-around fierceness. 

“You see her on TV, it’s impressive; you see her in person, you’re just stunned. Thinking like, how does she do that?" she said. "Really. I mean, she’s singing, she’s up and she’s down. She’s just amazing,” she continued.

And when it comes to being president Hillary has a pretty accurate marker of success. 

“I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.”

Well said. 

Check out what else she had to say here:

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