#CivilRightsTwitter Combines the Old and the New for All the Laughs

Photo by Stephen Somerstein
Black Twitter is back at it again! The #CivilRightsTwitter hashtag re-emerged and the tweets are a guaranteed LOL.

Scrolling through social media most days means that something funny is bound to be spawned from Black Twitter creatives.

What was originally created by Tracy Clayton in August, re-emgered yesterday with new chuckle-worthy moments at the hands of the #CivilRightsTwitter hashtag-- memes made with the civil right pioneers of the past mixed with the petty, shady, and downright funny things of the present. See some of the highlights below:

New Dream, Who Dis? #CivilRightsTwitter pic.twitter.com/8SoGbn4mwg

"Back to this fool who had a lot to say about me in the press! J. Edgar Hoover, what's good?" #CivilRightsTwitter pic.twitter.com/aVHdWdT5WM

"Did I stutter?! I didn't say 'all women,' I said 'BLACK women!'" #CivilRightsTwitter pic.twitter.com/SFoH5Tn9kA

That look he gives you when he invites you over to fight white supremacy n chill #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/owrrbori1w

"skirts above the knee? Uh uh, I prefer to stay clothed for MY man" #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/SfRdsOwet8

When you want to take a selfie but don't want to look like you taking a selfie #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/4KC3tG77ba

"You can't sit with us." #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/4RuDS58NLe

"I SAID WHAT I SAID!" #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/IhPrD2Nl9B

"No, Keisha—ALL LIVES MATTER!" #CivilRightsTwitter pic.twitter.com/otoC0UGMha

So I slid into her dm's like "are you coming to the March tomorrow" #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/szFsioNlk6

'I don't know why you acting mad, boo. It's just a preference.' #civilrightstwitter pic.twitter.com/WatWOVF16Y

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