'The Wiz Live' and Black Twitter Gave Us Life Last Night

Photo by NBC
We laughed so hard we cried!

When Black Twitter likes something on TV, there is no stopping the hilarious commentary that is bound to grace our feeds. During last night's NBC production of The Wiz Live, to say the Twitterverse enjoyed themselves is an understatement.

Here's a round-up of the greatest social media moments from the Black excellence that we all were proud to witness.

Toto backstage like pic.twitter.com/FJaOsHPj2L



#TheWizardOfOz vs #TheWiz pic.twitter.com/6IZr3VNZHf


The pastor's wife at Emerald City First Church of Christ and All Saints Episcopal Baptist. pic.twitter.com/lI0RDiviKg


Black folks serving that triple threat. Dancing, singing and acting #TheWiz pic.twitter.com/R9Rbc7HKB3


Black Twitter looking at the Emmy nominations in 2016 for The Wiz like... pic.twitter.com/qb22wY3gtu


SCREAMING! pic.twitter.com/JuUrxPsSNx


Coming up after the commercial break #TheWiz pic.twitter.com/0IPxt2p4Tm


All this melanin... All these natural locks and curls... All this black talent on my television. #TheWiz pic.twitter.com/x0Q6twISCq


RT @StevieGthetruth: #BlackTwitter after watching #TheWiz pic.twitter.com/QooB1EmZfJ


when your pies are sold out in Emerald City too. #TheWizLive pic.twitter.com/PkFGwOm6zq


Mary waiting in the wings like pic.twitter.com/2QVk32XsQ8


Watching #TheWiz like pic.twitter.com/r4BcuIkHVk


when the emerald city flyer said “ladies free before 11pm”… pic.twitter.com/NZq6jgfPzY

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