ESSENCE Poll: Ideally, What Perk/Benefit Do You Desire in Your Job?

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The list of companies going above and beyond when it comes to benefits like maternity leave continues to grow. What perks and/or benefits are you looking for in a job?

Amazon has just joined a growing list of companies offering generous parental leave to employees.

According to Business Insider, Amazon will offer 20 paid weeks of leave to new birth mothers and six weeks to other parents. New parents can also share their leave time with partners who don't have the same leave through their employers, meaning they can return back to work and receive full pay while their partner takes over at home.

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The surge in revamped parental leave policies among companies like Netflix, Microsoft and now Amazon got us thinking, what's the best perk and/or benefit when it comes to a job? 

Some companies pride themselves on their maternity leave policy, while others boast a rich work culture including a diverse staff and even free food!

When it comes to your ideal perks and benefits at your job, what are you looking for? A job with the perfect work culture for you, great healthcare, childcare or something else entirely? 

Let us know below!

Ideally, what perk/benefit do you desire the most in your job?
Work/life balance
Room for growth
Great healthcare
Work culture
Total votes: 58

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