ESSENCE Poll: Would You Ever Consider Home Schooling Your Child?

An increased amount of African-American families are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to their children's education. Would you ever consider home schooling?

In an increasingly racially tense climate, more and more families are moving towards home schooling.

According to The Washington Post, African Americans make up about 10% of home schooled children in the fast-growing form of education.

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Although there seems to be an overall push toward home education, especially in the Washington, D.C. area, Black parents are citing different reasons for this move including Eurocentric curriculums, teacher's attitudes, racial stereotypes and harsh school punishments.

This development comes in the midst of controversy surrounding Texas textbooks watering down details surrounding the slave trade and the recent incident in South Carolina were a young female student was violently arrested by a white male police officer.

With increased options for parents and students that choose to home school, many parents feel that it may be their best option. Still, others feel that for financial and social reasons, traditional education is the right option for their family.

How do you feel? Would you consider home schooling your child? Let us know below.

Would you ever consider home schooling your child?
Yes, I would be able to better oversee my child's education
No, for financial and social reasons
It's tempting
Total votes: 104

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