Drake Drops 'Hotline Bling' Video, and the Memes Are Priceless

Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage
The Internet has blessed us all with tons of Drake memes inspired by "Hotline Bling."

Drake has finally released a video for everybody's late summer/ fall anthem, "Hotline Bling," and boy, did the Internet go wild. From the rapper dancing like your dad to #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat to the blueprint to every non-dancing guy in the club, the Internet has blessed us all with tons of Drake memes to keep you amused for the rest of the week.

Check out the roundup of the best Drake gifs and tweets below.

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#Drake #HotlineBling got all the women in the club like... #drakedancing pic.twitter.com/GXeOxXh3DF

#HotlineBling #HotlineBlingMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/XUl7tsgbCD

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Is #drake dancing #Bachata in the #HotlineBlingMusicVideo

Drake be like #HotlineBlingMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/W0QKmYKX5Q

Drake just gave every non dancing guy a blueprint for going to the club. If Drake can pull it off so can others. #HotlineBlingMusicVideo

Now we know why she stopped calling his cell!Those moves tho #hipsdontlie #HotlineBlingMusicVideo #HotlineBling https://t.co/hDUlmdPjpd

*insert salsa music* #drake #HotlineBlingMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/41YkCXNc5o

All these years I thought I was just an awkward dancer. Turns out I've been channelling my inner Drake. #HotlineBlingMusicVideo

Hahaha i can't breathe #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat pic.twitter.com/ev5BIyr5Y0

2 Milly - Milly Rock #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat #DrakeIsAlwaysOnBeat pic.twitter.com/ZJeAyTy44e

#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat -Caribbean massive pic.twitter.com/cnEg7MyK4p

I'm hollering! RT @_yunggKing_: #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat pic.twitter.com/pkTR1Shq0U

DIS THE WINNER RT @DRAKEDANClNG: Elvis Crespo - Suavemente #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat #DrakeIsAlwaysOnBeat pic.twitter.com/a9rh2rgqHt

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