Detroit Women Fight to Have 1,300 Forgotten Rape Kits Tested

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Each rape kit costs $490 to be tested, so a group of local women are asking various organization to donate to the cause.

Five years ago, Detroit officials stumbled upon a storage unit holding more than 11,000 forgotten rape kits—the overwhelming majority of the victims being Black and under the age of 16—dating back three decades. 

Police have since tested 10,000 of them, but because of lacking funds, more than 1,300 remain. So Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy decided to do something.

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Deadline Detroit reports that Worthy along with 100 Black Detroit women are spearheading Enough Said, a campaign to raise the nearly $650,000 to finish testing the kits plus fees going toward any resulting prosecutions. The women are calling upon various organizations across the country to donate to their African American 490 Challenge, a name that refers to the $490 it takes to test each kit.

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"Since we began, it has been difficult, but getting much easier as we amass support," Worthy said at a press conference. "Women from all walks ot life, suburban and city, have stepped up to help. But I'm particularly pleased by this effort, all these powerful women and the thousands of women they represent."

To find out more on how you can help, visit the coalition's website.

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