Getting Speckled: How to Fake Freckles

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Spotted cheeks are the newest beauty craze! Here's how to get them if you don't have them naturally.

A new trend popping up on the runways is changing the face of beauty.

Once upon a time, gapped teeth and natural hair were frowned upon but it seems that beauty today is undergoing a makeover. While designers are still vying for leggy, fresh-faced beauties who are jaw-dropping gorgeous, the shows are also peppered with girls who possess an "editorial" kind of beauty—the kind of beauty that is unique and, dare I say, relateable.

These models have a quirky kind of beauty and aside from their Amazonian legs and strikingly thin physique, they're real girls who look like us and flaunt their kinky curls, full lips, albinism or skin affected by Vitiligo, gapped teeth and hooded or wide-set eyes. They're making waves and taking what society once called "flawed" and redefining it as beautiful.

Freckles are one of those skin quirks that have now become a coveted beauty look. Most common in fair-skinned women—this includes lighter skinned Black women—who are more susceptible to sun damage and UV ray exposure, freckles instantly add freshness to the face particularly when paired with minimal makeup. Models at the Tracy Reese SS16 show sported crystal freckles this season. Curious about how you can fake the look? We'll tell you how!

What You Need:

How to Do it:

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