Women Kicked Off of Napa Valley Wine Train File $11 Million Lawsuit

Photo by Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via AP
The women, who were members of a book club, were escorted off of the train in August because employees claimed that they were laughing too loudly.

A group of Black women who were booted from a Napa Valley wine train are seeking retaliation—in the form of an $11 million racial discrimination lawsuit.

In August, 11 women who were all members of a book club embarked on a Napa Valley wine tour. However, shortly after the tour began, the group was escorted off the train for allegedly laughing too loudly. The company has since apologized to the women, offered them a free tour and vowed to require sensitivity training for its employees, but yesterday, according to USA TODAY, the group filed a lawsuit, sighting personal and professional consequences.

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VIDEO: Black Women Kicked Off Napa Valley Train for Laughing

"The goal of this lawsuit is to ensure that this sort of racial discrimination does not happen to anyone else," civil rights attorney Waukeen McCoy said in a statement. 

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The wine train has not yet responded to the lawsuit. 

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