12 Empire GIFs that Perfectly Depict How Body Waxing Feels

Photo by FOX
Further proof that Cookie and the Empire cast just get us!

How you feel walking up to the wax center:

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When the wax specialist is about the apply the wax:

When you know she's about pull the first strip:

How you feel during the first four minutes of the wax:

That moment when you realize that you're doing this voluntarily and you remember the happier times when being hair-free was just a simple shave away:

When you think you're finished and your specialist pulls another strip of wax:

That moment of resolve when you think: "You got this. You can do this!":

That moment when you think you're finished:

And then the wax specialist utters those dreadful words, "Almost done!":

When you realize she still has to do the back:

When she's actually finished:

How you feel about your wax specialist after your appointment:

How you feel when you walk out of the wax salon:

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