Azealia Banks: 'There Needs to Be a Limit to How Many Abortions a Woman Can Get'

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Is Azealia policing women's choices with this statement?

By now, we're all used to Azealia Banks voicing her political opinions on Twitter and sparking lots of debate.

A few days days ago, she was in total agreement with Donald Trump's immigration sentiments. Sigh. Today, she is pro-choice—sort of. In a series of tweets, the contentious rapper explained why, although she is pro-choice, full agency should also come with some boundaries.

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I'm totally pro-choice but i think there needs to be limit to how many voluntary abortions a woman can get. cause some chicks be wilding

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I think Three in a Lifetime and that's it.

You can't make abortion illegal in the U.S cause that will just start a whole black market for it including 'abortion tourism'.

people will be leaving babies in dumpsters if abortion becomes illegal.

What happens to the aborted embryo's and fetuses? can a woman opt to donate to stem cell research?

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