ESSENCE Poll: Do You Feel Safe At Work?

Many are in shock following the on-air shooting death of a reporter and cameraman in Virgina. Do you feel safe in your workplace?

Many are still in shock following the tragic shooting of a WDBJ7 reporter and cameraman on live television yesterday morning in Virginia.

According to New York Magazine, Vester Lee Flanagan, the suspect accused of killing 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward, shot himself and died in the hospital around 1:30 pm Wednesday afternoon.

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Flanagan faxed a 23-page manifesto to a media outlet in New York detailing his grievances. One of his many frustrations dealt with being fired from WDBJ7 in 2013. He also complained that the station treated him unfairly based on his race and sexual preference.

Violence in the workplace, whether it's by disgruntled former employees, former romantic partners or simply outsiders is certainly not an uncommon occurrence. However, many find that it's not at the forefront of their minds when going to work.

Do you feel safe and secure in your workplace? Let us know.

Do you feel safe at work?
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