Watch Two Young Poets Blast Black Men Who 'Don't F** with Black Women'

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Young poets Crystal Valentine and Aaliyah Jihad call out Black men who make Black women feel undesirable.

College students Crystal Valentine and Aaliyah Jihad are calling out Black men who make Black women feel undesirable.

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In a poem called "To Be Black and Woman and Alive" and performed at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational this past April, Valentine and Jihad addressed a topic known all too well within the Black community: Black men who despise Black women.

"These Black girls need to watch out, 'cause white girls is winning," they recite. "…I don't f--- with Black girls." 

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"In college, this boy said that he didn't date Black girls. Like his mama wasn't a Black girl. Like his sister wasn't a Black girl. Like he didn't drink milk and fat from a Black nipple. Like a Black woman's body ain't bend for him, ain't spill herself to make room for him." 

The Huffington Post reports that the two young poets went on to win the competition. We hope their words fall heavily upon and resonate strongly within anyone guilty of this nonsense.

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