ESSENCE Poll: When It Comes to Online Privacy, What are You Most Protective Of?

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Millennials would rather have a nude photo leaked than have their financial status revealed, according to a new study. Which is more important to you?

It looks like these days one's financial well-being is more important than reputation -- or at least for millennials. According to a new Mastercard study, 62% of millennials would rather have their nude photos publicized than have their financial status compromised. Even more astonishing, millennials care less about their home being robbed than they do about their e-mail getting hacked or phone being stolen.

"Today's digital lifestyle means consumer concerns regarding safety and security have moved online," says identity theft consultant Robert Siciliano.

Though millennials are concerned about their finances, their actions don’t exactly match up to their fears. Only 53 percent change passwords to online financial accounts. Even worse, when it comes to the general population, only 47 percent change their online account password.

What do you find more important?

Does going bare seem less hazardous than financial vulnerability, or is it vice versa? Let us know!

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When it Comes to Online Privacy, What Are You Most Protective Of?
Personal Photos
Financial Information
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Personal Emails
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