Usher Explains His Juneteenth Shirt: 'Know What You're Celebrating'

Photo by Josh Brasted/FilmMagic & Michael Rowe
During his ESSENCE Fest concert, Usher rocked a shirt that had "July Fourth" crossed out and "Juneteenth" penciled in.

When Usher speaks, we listen!

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During Usher's Independence Day performance at ESSENCE Fest, the singer rocked a white t-shirt emblazoned with three simple words—"July Fourth" and "Juneteenth"—and one powerful message: "July Fourth" was crossed out. The t-shirt that he was wearing earlier that day that read "Have we truly achieved our independence"

We all applauded the message he was preaching (yaaas!), and he took to Instagram today to explain the sentiment behind the shirt.

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"If you're gonna celebrate, know what you're celebrating," he wrote. "We must know who we are in order be [sic] our best selves." 

Both the Juneteenth and the other shirt that he wore are available for purchase on Proceeds go toward his New Look charity, which serves underprivileged kids.

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