ESSENCE Poll: Should Places of Worship Now Have Mandatory Security?

Photo by AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton
Black churches have recently been at the center of violent attacks. Do you feel that security is needed at your place of worship?

A fire at a predominantly Black church in North Carolina has been deemed arson.

According to NBC, Charlotte fire officials are investigating whether a Wednesday morning arson at Briar Creek Baptist church was a hate crime. 

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The fire caused an estimated $250,000 in damage.

Pastor Mannix Kinsey spoke out about the incident, saying the church's congregation has already extended a hand of forgiveness towards the arsonist. "Buildings can be repaired, they can be built over," Kinsey said. "This is the opportunity for God to touch the hearts of individuals."

The news of the arson comes not long after the Charleston shooting that took the lives of nine innocent people at South Carolina's Emanuel AME church.

How do you feel when you go to your church? Are you able to comfortably worship without feeling unsafe or are you on edge in your place of peace? Do you think having security at places of worship would ease the current tension? Sound off below.

Do You Feel That Mandatory Security is Needed at Places of Worship?
Yes, that's the only way we can safely worship
No, security would make it feel less like a holy place
Total votes: 85

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